How Can You Support Sustainability Outside The Home?

So often, sustainable living is seen as something to be promoted and practiced inside the home. You choose products made from more earth-friendly materials. You use less water when possible, and you buy energy-efficient appliances. All of these steps are important and significant for preserving the planet. But have you ever wondered if you could be doing more? Here are some ways to promote sustainability outside the home.

Join a Sustainability Group

There are plenty of organizations, like the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group, which lobby for political change and projects to improve sustainability. When you join one of these groups, you will meet like-minded individuals who can collaborate with you to sign petitions, present ideas for legislation to your local politicians, and so forth. These groups also tend to raise funds that they donate to worthy projects, such as planting trees or cleaning water. Not only will you be able to donate yourself and be confident of where your money is going, but you'll be able to collect funds from others and help put them to good use.

Plant Trees Locally

Perhaps the easiest way to promote sustainability in your own town is to plant trees. Contact your local parks department and ask if you can plant trees in various parks and public spaces. Choose species that grow quickly, such as willow and ash. You could coordinate with a local school and have students help plant the trees; this way, you are also teaching the next generation about ecology and the importance of trees.

Ask Stores to Carry Sustainable Products

Do the retailers in your area carry sustainably produced items, or do you have to shop online? Consider approaching some of the owners of local grocery and drug stores in your area, and tell them about some sustainable products they could start carrying. They may share your interest in the environment but be unsure of where to start when it comes to carrying better products, so your advice could help. Then, tell everyone you know where they can buy these products locally so that they get purchased and the store has reason to continue carrying them.

Practicing sustainable living in your own home is a good step, but it is only the first step. By doing some of the things above, you can spread the message to others and make an even larger positive impact on the planet. Contact a company like Hour 4 Our today for more information.

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So often, sustainable living is seen as something to be promoted and practiced inside the home. You choose products made from more earth-friendly mate